Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit

Soorajba College of Education, Kadi

NCTE Code: 323127

(Constituent College of Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, Gandhinagar)

Co-curricular Activities


Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities The core aim of education and learning should be to foster holistic development. The importance of co-curricular and extracurricular activities cannot be overlooked in fostering holistic development. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities facilitate in the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral & spiritual development, aesthetic development etc. The teacher trainees should have to perform multi-dimensional functions in organizing and executing Co-curricular activities in their future job. Through co-curricular and extracurricular activities our trainees not only developed their selves in different domains but they also learn to plan , organize and coordinate different activities systematically. Keeping this idea in mind, every Saturday we have one hour allotted for co-curricular and extracurricular activities like singing competition, poetry recitation , on the spot painting, cartooning , mehndi competition , on the spot photography, garba, vachikam, debate, elocution , drama , different kind of sports activities, spiritual activities like yoga and meditation, various social activities to sensitize students towards different social problems etc. With the aim of providing opportunity of first hand observation and making learning enjoy full college organizes different educational visits too. With the aim of nurturing leadership qualities in our trainees through various activities like public speaking, mass motivation, life skills, problem solving skill, team building, time management etc , our University organizes 5 days residential leadership program which is known as sarva netrutva. Our trainees participate in this program regularly and undertake a project.

Sarva Netrutva- A Leadership Training Program


About Sarva Netrutva Program.

Sarva Netrutva is a 5 days residential leadership training program (Lead for Change) which is a unique initiative by Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, started in December 2009. Sarva Netrutva aims to bring holistic development of students which help them to become a noble citizen who contribute in nation building. The whole program works on transforming society through changes in individual and relationships, starting with their own life. It helps in inculcate good habits and develop the leadership qualities with an aim to provide social services to the society/nation. Thus “Nation Building through Character Building is a main motto of the program.”

With the effective use of Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, Group Task, Games, Learning from films, Role Plays, Interaction with unsung heroes, field (Social) visit and many leadership processes this training invokes attitude of service, brotherhood and responsibility toward society/nation in the participants.

Through various activities it nurtures skills like public speaking, mass motivation, life skills, problem solving skill, team building, time management etc in participants. It increases confidence in the youth, thus this program helps the participants in overall development of leadership skills. For continuous learning, university schedule Sarva Netrutva Follow Up session to charge their minds and to motivate students on regular basis.

Objectives of Sarva Netrutva Program

  1. To enhance the hidden leadership skills among the students.
  2. To build up moral and ethical values in the students.
  3. To make them well behaved and responsible citizen of the country.
  4. To build their time management skills, punctuality, self confidence, communication skills, holistic and positive thinking.
  5. To helps the students in goal setting and to achieve it.
  6. To make them aware about the problems of society and make them aware how to overcome.
  7. To unleash their potential.
  8. To make them visualize how to put their learning into actions, how to build a team and work with them.
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